Saturday, June 2, 2012

Join Indian Army Aviation - The Elite Club

The Indian Army aviation Corps was raised on 01 Nov 86 consequent to the apt realisation that the third dimension will be the deciding one whenever the clouds of an armed conflict loom over the subcontinent in the times to come. This is primarily because of the inherently mobile and flex-ible nature that this young arm and its capability to carry out operations over a large area in a short span of time de-spite the high level of battlefield transparency that exists by the virtue of the latest surveillance devices inducted by us as well as our adversaries. 
Surprisingly young as it may seem, but the trials for ac-ceptance of new concept of ‘Flying Observation Post’ were carried out and accepted in 1938-39, leading to the raising of ‘D’ Flight of RAF in 1940. 
Army Aviation has come a long way from its humble ori-gins and emerged as an arm to recon with by virtue of the diverse plethora of helicopters flown by extremely profes-sional aviators in the olive greens. Army Aviation has proved its mettle in all the operations as well as during humanitarian crisis faced by the nation besides playing an indispensible part of various peace keeping missions world over. 


Direct Commissioning from IMA/OTA 
Should be a volunteer for Army Aviation during training stage at the academy. 
 PABT and medical to be cleared. 
 Two years of attachment with fall back arm after getting commissioned. 

After Getting Commissioned into an Army Avn 
Minimum of 2 years service and not more than 29 years of age. 
 PABT and medical to be cleared. 
 For direct commissioning, two years of attachment with fall back arm after getting commissioned. 
 Inter Arm Service Transfer for permanent cadre of Army Aviation at 8-10 years of service. 

In Service 
Fly the latest helicopters and get an additional fly-ing allowance of upto Rs 17,500/-per month. 
 Quality life of a pilot. 
 An unparalleled job satisfaction. 

After Retirement: Excellent job prospects in avia-tion industry. 

Army Aviation follows Indian Air Force medical standards for induction as a pilot with the following exceptions. 
 Visual acuity 6/12 correctable to 6/6. 
 Post-Lasik permitted after six months of surgery if surgery done > 20 yrs age. 

 CV/FW 610 cm; Audiometric loss < 20 dB between 250-2000 Hz; 30 dB at 3000 Hz; 35 dB at 4000-800Hz. 

 Standing Ht – Min 162.5 cm; Sitting Ht – Min 81.5 cm; Leg Length – Min 99.0 cm 

Musculoskeletal System 
Cervical/Lumbar Spondylosis: Fitness based on clinical features, MR/CT scan neurosurgical opinion. 

Compression Fracture Spine : A single consolidated stable compression fracture in an asymptomatic candidate is not a cause for rejection. 


Abhay Singh said...

Sir I'm interested in joining AAC. I'm in the 3rd year of college and am about to appear for CDS in Sept. What I've been told is that AAC has slow promotions compared to other units. Could you kindly clarify the air on that. Thanks

S S Cheema said...

Abhay - this is a damn difficult question to answer so I will handle it like this - statically the promotion rate is same as in most of the other arms so technically it should not bother you. Beyond that you have to first decide why do you want to come to aviation? Love of flying and good life then there has to be some give aways perhaps. Choice at the end is yours and yours alone. If the decision is yours and you take it - then all you have to do is to stand by it and be happy. I am sure whatever you will decide will satisfy you and you will not turn back and regret...

Ankita said...

Hello Sir,

I need to ask some basic questions about Aviation. My husband is designated as Captain in Indian Army(Infantry) having an experience of 2years and he wants to apply for Aviation what can to the procedure to do so. As i am new to this army life i just wanted to know what are the working hours of the officers , how frequently they get the postings and is family always stays with the officers?

S S Cheema said...

Ankita - till the time I can verify you as YOU it would be inappropriate to answer these questions here - all the same please mail me the unit and name. after I verify - I will mail back an answer to you.

Ankita said...

Thanks Sir. Please tell me your mail id where i can contact you.

rock_symphony said...
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Manish Yadav said...

Hello Sir,

I am joining the IMA in Jul 2012 under DE mode of entry. I have done engg and I am very much interested in Army Aviation. I had cleared my PABT for AF when i gave SSB for NDA. But my right eye is having vision 6/9. Please advise as to how and if i can apply for Army Aviation at IMA and also if SSC officers can apply for Army Aviation (Flying).

Thanks & Regards.

S S Cheema said...

Manish please mail me...

Abhay Singh said...

Thank you for your reply sir. Sorry to bother you again but I have one more doubt lingering in my mind. I'm pursuing a BA degree and I did not have physics and maths in my 12th standard. Is that a disqualifying criteria for joining the AAC?

S S Cheema said...

Abhay, you can join Army avn. Problem would be trying to fly outside in civil where physics and maths is compulsory..

Abhay Singh said...

Thank you sir. I hope to be an army aviator one day!

MishraAlok said...

sir i am a student of pcb class 12th and i am giong to appear for the nda exam on 19 aug.i aim to join AAC ,kindly tell the options/ways open for me.thanks sir.......

S S Cheema said...

Alok - the option ofcourse is open to you but a fairly long way to go. Apart from that I would advice - be physically active but take care of your health, eyes and ears especially - which tends to become a stumbling block for many ex-NDAs

MishraAlok said...

Thanks for the prompt response sir.. I'd further like to inquire whether we receive a B.Sc degree after training at NDA (which, my peers told me, is necessary for joining AAC) with my PCB background, or not.
Also, what is the ideal height of candidate required for joining AAC?

Gurdil Johal said...

sir, i m a serving army offr and very keen to join AAC. i wud lyk to seek ur guidance on this. since i cant write evrything on a public blog, can u plz tell me how to contact or mail u.

S S Cheema said...

johal - the mail ID is in my profile.

Shankul Sethi said...

Sir, I had opted for commerce with Maths in 12th and currently i am in third year of my graduation. i wanted to know whether i can join AAC Via OTA route and also whether Physics is neccesary ?

Rajat said...

hello sir my name is Rajat Pathania
,recently i got recommeded for OTA 96th(NT) ssc 2012, i have keen interst to joi AAC, but i have few doubts, i did not have maths in 12th though i had physics, in graduation i dint have maths at all since i have done, can i join AAC or if i opt to be a volunteer for army aviation in OTA , iwillcomplete 23 in dis AUG.

suchi said...

Good Evening..

My going to be husband is a captain in Indian Army (Infantry branch). He had applied for the AAC but his application got rejected. he told me that by the time his initial training of the next course will start or end ( i am not sure)he will be above the age limit.. he is 28 yrs and 6 months old now.. and i want to know what exactly the rule he could not explain me much..

Viminder Dhankar said...

hello sir my name is Viminder Dhankar
Sir i want to join Army as a pilot in AAC. After training if i get aviation then i have to spend 2 years in fall back arm of Indian Army.
Sir i want to know,
What is this fall back arm of army?

S S Cheema said...

Please Mail me...

Abhay Singh said...

Hello sir
I cleared written CDS Exam for OTA but couldn't get through. As I'm 21 already, I don't want to miss any opportunity to join the Indian Army. At the same time I'm interested in joining Army Aviation Corps as a pilot. Is there any restriction or separate process for Short Service Commission officers to join AAC? Or do you recommend that I should wait and try for IMA for a sure shot chance for AAC? Kindly clarify.

dk16 said...

respected sir,
candidates selected for ssc tech in OTA, can they also apply for army aviation.. if so how??
i have sent you an email also


Hi..actually i want to join the army aviation corps..but i have no idea how this thing works..i mean what is the eligibility criteria..?
what are the percentage requirements?
and how many seats are available in the army aviation corps?
also i read from the previous blogs that u can join the aviation corps once you are done with your is there anything as minimum marks in 12th or graduation?
please let me know..thank you

Akash Kawade said...

sir , i am serving officer in AMC (from NT cadre). i want to join Aviation corps and i have also gone through SAO regarding this in which one of criteria is of Young offr course . Sir , as AMC offr i got trainning in OTC Lucknow where we just do 3 months trainning (like YOC of other Arms or Corps).And there is no YOC course in AMC . so my question is whether i am eligible to apply for AAC through Officer entry scheme or not ?
. shall i send application or not ? plz send reply on . Thank you sir

Sankalp said...

Respected sir,
I have myopia -0.75D (6/9, correctable to 6/6 with specs), am I eligible to become a pilot in the Army? Also, just to confirm, the only way to apply to Army Aviation is writing CDS right?
Thank You.

Arpit Dave said...

Hello sir i'll be applying for direct entry ota this june. So will there be P.A.B.T or there wiil be selection in AAC after getting commissioned

Anuj Jayaswal said...

hello sir ... my self anuj jayaswal 23 year , i like to be a pilot in army but what is the selection procedure for AAC and minimum qualification ..... m don e my 10+2 in 2009 with 70% in P+C+M AND NOW M DOING ENGG BUT I CAN'T :( M DYING TO JOIN AAC PLZZZZ HELP ME SIR PLZZZ

Akshat Kanwar said...

hello sir , I wanted to know that if one has sitting height more than 96 cm , is he fit for aviation in army ?

vivek varma said...

sir i am very much interested in armed forces..especially aviation branch in armed forces..i like to join in army aviation..i applied for university entry scheme 23 course
and cleared the preliminary round conducted in our college..and waiting fr ssb interview.. can i join the army aviation through this..
can u please give me the full details

himanshu tripathi said...

sir my sitting height is more than 96 cms[96.8 cms]. am i eligible for flying branch? If nt will i get a specific aircraft which has maximum sitting height more than 96 cms?
P.S. i have cleared my ssb and was measured so in the IAM Bangalore.

shailendhar dev said...

hello sir,
this is shailendhar dev.sir i am pursuing BA degree in distance sir am i eligible to join in army aviation corps

Avinash K said...

Sir please provide us woth your e-mail id.....

Chalamba Luwang said...

what is the age criteria for AAC ? for example if i am 23 at the time of commencement then am i eligible for aviation ??

Pranjal Malik said...

Can you give PABT exam and medicals after commissioning into the Indian Army or you have to give it before joining only?

Sairam k said...

Jai Hind Sir, I am Capt Sai Ram from arty, aged 27. I cleared my PABT. Currently I am A3 T-24 med cat for medial meniscus tear. If I get my knee operated and then become SHAPE 1, will I be medically rejected for aviation. Pls guide.

Unknown said...

Dear Sir ,


I am from Kashmir , i am a qualified Commercial pilot license holder ( Australian license ) . I have always been interested in Joining Army / Airforce but the Situation in Kashmir and other factors ( Kashmiri Muslims wont be given a chance in airforce or army ) always prevailed here among masses which led me to sit home , but with the changing times and exposure to the outer world i feel there is absolutely no such bias things in Army . I just got 28 today and have 225 hours of flying and currently pursuing B.A in political sciences . I am much interested in joining army aviation corps .Kindly guide and help .


Unknown said...

Dear Sir ,

Waiting for your reply

With regards
from Kashmir

Shivankur Pilania said...

respected sir.I wish to join army aviation corps by means of OTA.I'll be appearing for the CDSE later this year and since i am eligible only for OTA considering my date of birth and other constraints relative to the examination.I've been through various forums on the internet regarding the entry procedure into Army Aviation Corps but i found those answers pretty confusing and more or less unsatisfactory.Kindly sort out my queries for entry into the aviation corps by means of OTA.My email id is ""
Your guidance is deeply anticipated.

Harshit Malhotra said...

I am likely to join OTA under SSC-Tech-43 in october 2014. Please let me know the possibilities and procedure of entering into Army Aviation Corps. I am PABT cleared. Also sir please tell me at which stage the medicals are done and if in case we fail in medicals for flying then what happens ??
Waiting for reply asap sir.

Thanking you.


hello sir,

i want to ask that TA officers can join AAC.


Anurag Mukhopadhyay said...

can a territorial army officer can become a helicopter pilot in army?